What is a Stardust Profile?

Stardust Profiles allows game developers to do more than just have a scalable custodial wallet for every player, by also giving unique insights into who is playing your game and how valuable they are, and in future how to acquire more players like them to your game.

Why are Profiles valuable?

Understand who is playing your game

See analytics of your players, their monetary value, whale score, and if they are a HODLer, trader, bot, or a VIP you’d like to craft a personalized experience for

Leverage this data to grow your game with Stardust UA

By understanding who is playing your game, Stardust can help you acquire higher quality players for your game more cheaply and at scale

Build player wallet controls securely into your game client

With profiles, you can embed wallet control into a game client without leaking any secure information such as an API or server-based key