The Stardust-Custodial-SDK is a TypeScript-based SDK specifically crafted to enable seamless integration with the Stardust Profiles and our Custodial Wallets as a service (WaaS). This SDK is designed for TypeScript developers looking to incorporate advanced wallet management features into their applications with minimal effort - whether you’re building a new project or enhancing an existing one.


This SDK is intended for use with TypeScript. Familiarity with TypeScript and modern JavaScript development practices using NodeJs is recommended.

To start intearcting with the Stardust Custodial SDK, you will need to create an application and API key from the Dashboard

Creating an application

Create an application using the Dashboard.

Getting an api key

In order to use this sdk, you must have an api key. You can obtain this in the dashboard. Note that API keys can only be viewed one time! So please make sure to save your API key in a secure location, worst case, a new one can always be created.

Package Installation

npm i @stardust-gg/stardust-custodial-sdk

The NPM Package can be found here.


import { StardustCustodialSDK } from '@stardust-gg/stardust-custodial-sdk';

const myApiKey = '<your-api-key-here>';

// initialize the sdk
const sdk = new StardustCustodialSDK(myApiKey);