Example UX

Creating a Player in Stardust makes it easy to safely store and transfer digital assets, without sacrificing customer experience and speed. Every player in Stardust is backed by a custodial wallet.

Inside the API and Developer Dashboard, register an account for each player in your game.

Seamless Experience

Developers can build a custom experience around wallet interactions for players via an API instead of requiring them to use a browser plug-in.

An example flow can look very similar to what players outside of blockchain games expect to see. In the below flow, a player will visit your game's dashboard and create an account.

After creating an account, you will call the Create Player endpoint to register them in Stardust and create a custodial wallet. They now have a blank inventory:

After minting items to this player using Add Item Balance, you will call Get Item Balance to show the player what items they own:

This experience will be very familiar to gamers. It prevents them from having to create their own wallet and worry about losing their private keys.